Smart workout tracking technology

FitLinxx’s fitness and wellness products are used by many people every day to track activity and workouts. FitLinxx supports member success and staff/member connections at health clubs with exercise programming, interactive strength coaching, and preset cardio workouts.

A better workout experience

FitLinxx is an exercise workout tracking system that attaches directly to fitness equipment, adding an extraordinary “intelligent” dimension to the workout experience. The System learns users’ exercise programs and automatically tracks their progress over time.

The FitLinxx System is networked into a central database that stores workout data and provides members and staff access to a wealth of information to help them improve. 

Connecting members and fitness staff with workout data for more successful engagement and longer retention

FitLinxx Training Partner

The FitLinxx Training Partner provides interactive coaching to ensure safety, proper form and weight during exercise. It remembers the user’s personalized settings, including machine positions, weight, repetitions and range of motion. It also provides motivation with real-time feedback, and staff can identify a user’s experience level by observing the display’s background color to identify which users require the most assistance.

FitLinxx Wireless Cardio Module

The FitLinxx Wireless Cardio Module is a small, wireless monitoring device that attaches to various compatible cardiovascular equipment and collects exercise data captured by the machine.

The workout data is wirelessly transmitted and recorded for member and instructor reports. The FitLinxx network lends itself naturally to expansion and soon will integrate with compatible smart-equipment consoles via the internet. FitLinxx integrates seamlessly with personal trackers and via API with compatible cardio equipment smart-console apps providing users with a comprehensive view of their workouts in a single tracking system.

Members can also link their available activity tracker to the FitLinxx System to integrate cardio activities performed in-and-outside the gym.

ActiveLinxx Website and App

The ActiveLinxx website and app allows members to scan their personalized workout card, manual log exercises, link their activity tracker, monitor their workout progress, track earned FitLinxx “FitPoints”, and get progress feedback whilst communicating with fitness staff. With multiple exercise reports and a Standing chart, members can compare how they rank against other FitLinxx Users in your facility and worldwide.

FitLinxx Management Station

The FitLinxx Management Station software provides staff and facility management with the tools they need to support members — it’s the hub of all reporting and communication. Instructors can design customized workout programs, review member results, and detect at-risk members while boosting personal training participation. In addition, there’s a multitude of member and facility reports to help guide members through their fitness experience and increase productivity.

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