About Us

ActiveLinxx is the sole solution provider for operating the FitLinxx SystemTM , the computerized exercise tracking software that attaches directly to fitness equipment for the past 25 years. The System automatically coaches, captures and displays a user’s exercise regime to provide instant feedback for easy tracking of their fitness goals with use of a personal PIN. And with the integrated ActiveLinxx website and app, users can manually log exercises and display their workout data anytime, from anywhere — helping them remain healthy, motivated and active!

The ActiveLinxx team is a group of former FitLinxx employees who remain committed in the development of the FitLinxx SystemTM to improve and encourage healthy lifestyles by providing reliable system performance, excellent customer experience, and innovative solutions.

Stephen Kossluk

Chief Technology Officer

FitLinxx hired Steve back in 1999 as a software engineer and today is Director of Engineering. Steve has broad experience in the design, development and delivery of software products using various software development tools such as ASP.Net, C#, C/C++, JavaScript, Java, Web Services, Python, JSON and Xamarin Steve was responsible for the design, enhancement, and maintenance of TP3 through TP5 Training Partner software as well as maintaining and enhancing back-end systems. His responsibilities also included the re-design and implementation of the Web Site, as well as making sure the Mobile Apps complement the Web and support both Android and IOS systems. Steve’s close contact with the support team on all aspects of trouble shooting has been instrumental to enhancing the product.

Mike Casapulla

Chief Executive Officer

Mike joined FitLinxx in 1995 and most recently held the positon of World Wide-Director of Operations and Customer Support at FitLinxx. Mike has been involved in some form or another with each and every FitLinxx customer installation. Starting as FitLinxx 1st installation technician in 1995, over the last 21 years Mike has held several high level managerial positions. His accomplishments over the last 2 decades include but are not limited to developing a nationwide “best in class” field service and installation technical team, and creating a culture of operational excellence and continuous improvement.

Michael’s most recent and proudest accomplishment since taking over as Director of Customer Support and Service in 2013 has been overhauling the FitLinxx customer service experience and increasing NPS by double digit percentage points from each previous year.

Mike holds a B.S. Degree in Business Economics from Southern Connecticut University and has over 30 years of Business Operations experience. 

Rob Bosman

Head of Operations

In 2000 Rob started working for FitLinxx as International Operations Manager. During these years he travelled around the world to do the most of the FitLinxx installs in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Australia and Africa. The majority of the last 3 years at FitLinxx he spent in the USA working as Global Senior System Analyst at the R&D department where he improved the existing software. Rob is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. He will put the company’s goals, ideals and vision at the forefront of what he does. As an athlete and business man Rob combined two passions and opened in 1984 a fitness center and in 1986 his 2nd . Besides that, he also worked for 7 years for Life Fitness where he was responsible for positioning the Life Center in the market and maintenance of the software.  Since 2010 he founded his own IT company together with Erica Goetzee: Easy2Begin. The company provides a total package of internet-related services. Easy2Begin is associated with KPN (telephone company in the Netherlands). Of course Rob is a Microsoft Certified Professional.

Edeline Cantave

VP of Sales and Administration

Edeline has worked with the FitLinxx System for over 20 years. She started her career in technology at IBM, ANS and AOL, and holds a degree in Business. She currently oversees the sales department for ActiveLinxx.

Erica Goetzee

Marketing Director

Erica worked at FitLinxx from 2004 to 2011 as an Office Manager Mainland, based in Ridderkerk, the Netherlands. During this full-time job she was well qualified with versatile skills including team supervision and development, report and document preparation, accounts and bookkeeping, data management, workflow scheduling and planning, customer service and project co-ordination. Erica’s background is a Marketing education and 13 years of work experience at advertising agencies in the Netherlands. During 11 years she lived in Greece where she was co-owner of a company which imported slot machines from the Netherlands to Greece. Since 2010 she is co-owner of Easy2Begin, a company she started with Rob Bosman. Easy2Begin is an IT company which offers consultancy and solutions for the digital highway, VoIP telephony and security cams online.